WHATT - Status Updates for Friends

WHATT - Status Updates for Friends 2.0

Share status updates with your closest friends

Whatt is a fresh way to share your status updates with your close friends.

> Share news
> Share opinions
> Share recommendations
> Ask questions
> Engage in text updates with your closest friends!

Type your message, personalize it with color and share it with all your friends. It's that easy!

- Privacy: Your posts are only visible by your approved friends.
- No filters: Your posts are shown to all your friends.
- Track how many friends have read your posts.
- Like and comment on your friends's posts and vice-versa.
- Easily locate the posts you liked or commented on in your Favorites.
- Select the color of your text to give your post a personal touch.
- Hashtags: Use # to tag your messages.
- Optional sharing to Facebook and Twitter.
- Ad free.

"Just arrived in Vegas. Anyone around?"
"Urgent! Looking for a roommate"
"Who knows a good pizza place in New York?"
"I am selling my bike, call me if interested"
"Go #Knicks!"

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WHATT - Status Updates for Friends


WHATT - Status Updates for Friends 2.0

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